Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cuisineuer is on Google Plus

Welcome to the age of fast-paced technology! Where gadgets are changing and updating rapidly like a speed of light, where social networking site's popularity are trending from friendster, to twitter, to facebook, and now to Google Plus. Yes, I've recently signed up to get a Google Plus account and I think I liked it more than facebook. I feel sad, I guess facebook's popularity is about to end. I hope not. Well, with the latest technology like link buildinguk, facebook will remain strong and would attract more visitors and costumers. I am positive that facebook had marked an effective technological power to the internet users that would make it difficult to move.

I was invited by Sissy Peachy to try this brand new site and what I've noticed was the good quality of my pictures, my photo's resolution is far better than facebook. More organize, my connections to friends, family, co-worker, acquintances are separated in circles. Easy to navigate, click and drag. Just like facebook, it also have notification and wall for updates and boy, the streaming is much faster! What makes this even cooler is the video and voice chat features.

Nonetheless, despite of fascinating features of this new site, I am still attached to facebook, it's like my favorite calorific food that I can’t resist. I know I’ll have hard time to let it go because I am a self-confessed facebook addict, somehow it satisfy me.

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